Pro-Life Guys Podcast

Poilievre is leader of the CPCs, tune in for what it means for Canadian pro-lifers. Read more
We're all in this together, and often even the pros make mistakes. Here are some mistakes you might be making that are very manageable to Read more
Everyone wants to have more and better conversations about abortion while at outreach. Here are some tips on how you can make it happen! Read more
Pro-lifers trust parents, but unfortunately our entire culture can be set against them, therefore we need to help them now more than ever. Read more
As culture seems to heave further and further into a full-blown state of hysteria, here's how pro-lifers can respond with clarity and charity. Read more
CCBR works to reach people before they end up at an abortion clinic, but what do you do if you can't reach them before the Read more
Eric Scheidler is mobilizing pro-lifers in light of the Dobbs decision, check out what he's been up to and what he'll be doing next! Read more
Want to have more (and better) conversations about abortion?!?!?! Check out this conversation! Read more
Today, Cam catches up with Blaise Alleyne and Katie Somers to talk about how body language, word choice, and other factors influence the volume and Read more
Here's how you can share the Biblical case for life with your congregation, as well as how to empower your church leader to step up Read more
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