Exposing IVF with Laura Klassen

Laura Klassen, founder of Choice42.com, is a leader in both pregnancy support and in exposing the injustice of abortion and other attacks on human life.

In today’s episode, Laura joins PLG podcast host Cam to talk about her most recent episode in her “Exposed” series which focuses on In Vitro Fertilization and the hundreds of millions of tiny boys and girls killed every year through this practice which in many ways commodifies human life in a very different way than abortion.

In vitro fertilization is naturally a very personal subject for countless people around the world seeking to satisfy the very good and natural desire for children, including many within the pro-life movement. As such, we must take a long and critical look at whether or not this is an appropriate practice to satisfy this deep longing (spoiler alert: it isn’t).

To view Laura’s video on IVF, go to: https://www.choice42.com/videos

To learn more about Choice42, go to: https://www.choice42.com/

To check out the episode Cam recorded with Stephanie Gray Connors focused on how to talk about IVF, go to: https://prolifeguys.com/134-unpacking…

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