Humans of the Pro-Life Movement

Hear Cam's conversation with Deyanne Sutcliffe, the executive director of National Campus Life Network! Read more
A Conversation with Adelaide Holmes on her Work in the Pro-Life Movement! Read more
A conversation with Jessi Corson on her pro-life journey and how to balance work and personal life! Read more
Meg Woodard is an absolute gem, and this episode is well worth a listen! Read more
Maria McCann is leading outreach in the London, ON area and this episode is well worth the listen! Read more
Elyssa Currey is an incredible part of CCBR's SW Ontario volunteer team, and Cam's thrilled to share a bit of her story in this HPLM Read more
On a lighter note, here's a great pro-life book for kids! Read more
On a lighter note than usual, here's a great book for kids exploring the beautiful journey of pregnancy! Read more
Check out Biking for Babies for an incredible ministry! Read more
Keturah Dumaine - CCBR's newest speaker
Keturah Dumaine has burst onto the national scene as one of Canada's up and coming pro-life speakers, check out her favourite moments from this summer's Read more
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