Humans of the Pro-Life Movement

On a lighter note, here's a great pro-life book for kids! Read more
On a lighter note than usual, here's a great book for kids exploring the beautiful journey of pregnancy! Read more
Check out Biking for Babies for an incredible ministry! Read more
Keturah Dumaine - CCBR's newest speaker
Keturah Dumaine has burst onto the national scene as one of Canada's up and coming pro-life speakers, check out her favourite moments from this summer's Read more
Help Talia defend pro-life speech on Toronto Metropolitan University. Read more
Pro-lifers must understand the journey after abortion so that we can better support those who have experienced abortion so that not only do they find Read more
Learn how Jeff has found hope and healing after abortion, and how other men can find forgiveness too. Read more
each has had a particular mission she shares today about how they are all pieces of the same puzzle. Read more
Passionate about protecting pre-born children, Keziah is in the process of authoring a beautiful and age-appropriate children's book helping kids understand the beauty of life Read more
Since recovering from her own abortion, Linda now shares her experience and passion for protecting pre-born children and their families to educate the general public, Read more
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