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The online social media world has become a new public square. Ideas are presented, conversations are had, and worldviews are shaped by the content that is being published online. Hence, the Online Action Team, dedicated to responding to abortion arguments with winsome and effective pro-life responses.

The Online Action Team is a community of pro-life ambassadors who are bringing a compelling and compassionate defense of the pro-life worldview to various social media platforms. Online Action Team Members will get exclusive ongoing training and support from our team of experienced pro-life apologists and be a part of a small, intimate community in this fight to defend the pre-born.

This is the most flexible option for people who want to get involved in defending pre-born children but have limited time or are in a remote location. In the online world, your voice matters.


Each of us has the opportunity to make an incredible impact in the lives of men and women who suffer because of abortion and most importantly, in saving the lives of those who are at risk of being killed. Through volunteering with the organization we work for, The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), on a regular basis you will receive thorough training, volunteer hours, reach hundreds of men and women with the reality of abortion, and could be an instrument in saving the lives of pre-born children!

We hope that you consider giving the gift of your time and joining us, and volunteers across Canada, in our mission to protect those who need it the most.

* You will be directed to CCBR’s website.

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