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Cam applies the road map for effective pro-life conversations to three kinds of pro-abortion arguments. Read more
Here's how to consistently change minds on abortion. Read more
Cam talks with Quiana about CCBR's first ever Calgary High School Outreach Week! Read more
Here's an update for what is happening with the PLG podcast! Read more
An American pro-life activist spent a week with CCBR in Calgary and here are his thoughts on the similarities and differences! Read more
MP Cathay Wagantall's, "Violence Against Pregnant Women Act", should have been a complete lay-up, yet some how was defeated in Canadian Parliament. Cam's joined by Read more
So often abortion advocates (and sometimes even pro-lifers...) suggest that if only we fixed the world's problems, we wouldn't have to worry about abortion any Read more
Two weeks ago Cam talked with Blaise Alleyne about the "what" of the Faces of Abortion tour. Today, Cam talks to Jonathon Van Maren about Read more
What are pro-lifers even trying to achieve? As simple as you think that answer should be, you might be surprised how often pro-lifers get asked Read more
CCBR is excited to announce the launch of our Faces of Abortion tour coming to a city near you! Read more
Pro-life advocates "trot out the toddler" in nearly every conversation they have, but what happens if someone says it's okay to kill toddlers too? Here's Read more
Help Talia defend pro-life speech on Toronto Metropolitan University. Read more
Pro-Life Response to Justin Trudeau talking abortion with PPC supporter Read more
Jonathon Van Maren joins Cam Cote to talk about the fundamental difference between social reform and traditional marketing. Read more
Bodily autonomy are of the most frequent pro-lifers hear while doing outreach. Here's how to respond! Read more
CCBR just led our first Winnipeg High School Bootcamp, here's how it went. Read more
Pro-lifers must understand the journey after abortion so that we can better support those who have experienced abortion so that not only do they find Read more
In Vitro Fertilization is a practice becoming more and more prevalent, and not just in pro-abortion communities. While those pursuing IVF often have a deep Read more
The abortion pill process has become more and more accessible, all while killing tens of thousands of children and sending thousands of mothers to the Read more
Talking about fiscal policies can be spicy, but it's absolutely necessary as we move into a post-Roe future. Join Cam as he talks to Josh Read more
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