Humans of the Pro-Life Movement: Adelaide Holmes

This week on Humans of the Pro-Life Movement, host Cam had the opportunity to sit down (in person!) with Adelaide Holmes, Director of Programs at Protect Life Michigan, to talk about her entry into the pro-life movement, her current role, and exciting opportunities she sees in the pro-life movement.

Adelaide is an absolute rockstar, and it was so cool to spend a full week getting to know her and collaborate on apologetics and strategies CCBR and Protect Life Michigan already share, and others which can benefit our respective groups so that we can change more minds, saves more lives, and continue transforming our culture.

As with all other episodes within this series, the Humans of the Pro-Life Movement series seeks to showcase the incredible men and women involved in the pro-life movement around the globe, and empower you to build up your own involvement locally and beyond.

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