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It is important that we share the pro-life message with those around us so we can change minds, save lives, and work towards the ultimate transformation of our culture.

Cam Côté, host of The Pro-Life Guy’s Podcast, would love nothing more than to help you inspire, equip, and mobilize your group, high school, campus, or community to join the fight. 

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Suggested Presentation Topics:

Pro-Life Dialogue Training
Learn basic dialogue tools to effectively defend human rights for all human beings.

Pro-Life Strategy
Learn how we can strategically reach and change our culture by learning from successful social reformers of the past.

Reaching a Wounded Culture
Understand how you can share the truth with love and compassion to people who’ve been impacted by abortion.

Four Reasons for Hope in Canada’s Pro-Life Movement
Be inspired by the positive developments which have been growing in the pastoral, political, and educational arms of the movement in recent years.

And more! Please contact us for more information about further topics we are able to speak on.

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