The goal for our all-day training event was to help attendees be the confident, competent, and compassionate pro-life ambassadors our culture needs to make abortion unthinkable. The decision to bring in Cam and Pieter, hosts of The Pro-life Guys Podcast, as speakers was well rewarded. Both speakers were able to clearly and concisely share their vast experience and give effective conversational tools to participants. Their delivery was memorable and humorous. If you want to train your community to persuasively and courageously share the pro-life worldview, look no further than The Pro-life Guys.

– Kyle Coffey, Manitoba Outreach Director for CCBR

Cam is a brilliant presenter. He is calm under pressure, relatable, and very articulate. His analogies are easy to follow and his arguments are both compelling and beautifully compassionate. He was able to meet our students where they are at and guide them with sound science and reason. He is a sure asset and compliment to any school program hoping to educate their students in the art of respectful and meaningful dialogue when concerned with the subject of abortion.

– Emily Price, Formation Instructor for Girls at Clear Water Academy

On behalf of Holy Trinity CWL, North Shore Pro-life Association and Saint Thomas Aquinas Parent Association, I’d like to thank Cam Côté of The Pro-Life Guys Podcast for his wonderful pro-life conversation tools presentation and the skills he shared with our groups. We look forward to other opportunities to engage more people to transform their life to become Pro-life ambassadors.

– Rosalia, CWL President, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, North Vancouver, BC

Pieter’s approach is engaging, personal, and practical. In teaching my young adults group, along with other attendees (younger and older), they left understanding the concepts with clarity and conviction. Despite not having previously had pro-life conversational training, they left able to hold compassionate and persuasive conversations on the topic of abortion. Their responses were highly positive! I strongly recommend inviting Pieter Bos to train your group of future pro-life ambassadors!

– Rev. Jonathan Camiré, Église Résurrection Church, Rigaud, QC

Cam Côté of The Pro-Life Guys Podcast gave our parish a clear and practical pro-life presentation. In it, a useful technique was acquired that can be applied in a conversation trying to help someone realize the realities of abortion. The beauty of this technique is it begins with starting the conversation where people are at, using their own reasoning, rather than trying to move them to a place where they’re not ready or prepared to go yet. It’s a three-step process of conversation that allows the other, who’s hearts you would like to change, see the realities of abortion through another lens, thereby planting a seed that may grow to a fuller understanding of the realities of abortion. I strongly recommend inviting Cam Côté to share this technique with your group, in the hopes that more people will become future pro-life ambassadors and together hearts and minds will be changed.

– Sonya Scaglione, member of St Helen’s Catholic Church and CWL and a member of Vancouver Life Soldiers

Pieter did an absolutely fantastic job with our Young People group (16+). He was fun and engaging. Not only did everyone enjoy listening to him but we learned a lot as well about how to engage in quality conversations about abortion. Pieter has the passion and skills required to be a great leader and speaker for all ages. His work with CCBR and The Pro-Life Guys Podcast is invaluable.

– Brady De Boer, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Ebenezer CRC

Cam does an amazing job of being both relatable and professional. His vast knowledge of the pro-life movement and surrounding issues is displayed very well in his speaking. Cam came to speak to our interns and they came away with some practical knowledge of how to use science to speak about abortion.

– Caroline Smith, Event Planner at Protect Life Michigan

On behalf of the Grade 11 class at Mount Cheam Christian School, we would like to thank Cam Cote and his team (Quiana, Brittany and Michael) for coming to our school.  Cam’s presentation was engaging and informative.  Although the images he shared were horrific, all students recognized that viewing the images was an important element in becoming emotionally attached to the victims for which they would be striving.  During the course of the morning, Cam’s presentation was interspersed with blocks of practice time during which the team members worked in small groups with the students to practice the skills necessary for initiating and holding the pro-life conversation.  The highlight of the day was going out into the community and observing these skills in action.  It was especially rewarding to observe how effective the skills are in building a connection with people and finding a common ground from which to launch the conversation.  Despite the cold weather conditions, the positive conversations motivated the students to continue going from door to door.  May the presentation and conversations be blessed and be to the benefit of many unborn children. 

– Christina Kooij and Ron Neels, Mt. Cheam Christian School

Pieter was asked to do a topic about abortion, specifically on the fact regarding the beginning of life. Due to this not being as relatable to our younger youth, Pieter took thinks in a totally unpredictable direction and by trying to prove that life starts at birth, the opposing view of our Christian beliefs. This worked well as the youth were confused and challenged to really listen and critically think about what the speaker was saying. Thanks to this “devil’s advocate” approach we were able to engage the youth group and have a deeper, more intellectual discussion about the beginning of life. As the HRC Burgessville Youth leaders, my wife and I recommend Pieter Bos as a speaker for your event or topic. 

– Connor and Arianna Van Manen, Burgessville Heritage Reformed Congregation Youth Leaders

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