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• Why does the podcast exist?


Pro-Life Apologetics

• What is the Human Rights Argument?

• When Does Human Life Begin?

• Isn’t the fetus is just a parasite?

Start at 5:00.

• What if she is too young to be pregnant? Isn’t abortion the best choice?

• What if the mother’s life is at risk?

• Are we calling women murderers?

• If you don’t adopt, are you actually pro-life?

• Shouldn’t abortion be okay until the pre-born is viable outside the womb?

• If one embryo can divide into two identical twins, doesn’t that mean life must begin sometime after that point?

• What if the mother is addicted to drugs or alcohol that will most likely permanently affect the health of her child?

• Isn’t it most compassionate to support abortion in challenging circumstances?

• Why do pro-life work when there is so much suffering in the world?

• Does a consistent pro-lifer have to be against the death penalty?

Start at 14:55.

• What do I do if my conversation goes poorly?

• Are there pro-life arguments I should avoid using?


About Abortion

• What do I need to know about the abortion pill?

• How does the abortion pill reversal procedure work and what do I need to know about it?



• How do I fundraise for my pro-life ministry?

• Where can I learn more about the work of other leaders in the movement?

• Aren’t pro-life activists just being so judgmental?

Start at 22:10.

• What do we say about pro-lifers being just one issue voters?

• How can I effectively engage with people on social media about abortion?

• What advice do you have for those who are new in the pro-life movement?

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