Elyssa Currey – Humans of the Pro-Life Movement

Since 2019, Elyssa Currey has been one of CCBR’s most active volunteers, participating in activism multiple times each week throughout southwest Ontario. She is a great friend of many CCBR staff, and while she has been on Cam’s radar as a potential guest for the PLG podcast for months, it was only after Cam got wind of Elyssa leading a postcarding shift at 5am as a part of CCBR’s Giving Tuesday activism blitz that Cam realized that she was an absolute must for the program.

After a very small amount of coaxing from Cam, and what he’s sure was a significant amount of pressure from the CCBR staff in Mississauga, Cam Côté sits down with Elyssa to talk about her journey into CCBR’s outreach team, some of her favourite experiences, and her take on the role community has played in facilitating her involvement.

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There are so many incredible Humans of the Pro-Life Movement, and it’s vital that we showcase as many as we can to correct the media narrative that we are not only a monolyth, but that we are mean, rude, and do not care about the lives of parents, or even the children after they are born. Every one has a different story for why and how they joined the pro-life movement, and this is a program dedicated to showcasing the incredible men and women who comprise our life saving movement.

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