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Tune in for an indepth look at addressing both changing minds and transforming lives surrounding poverty. Read more
Laura Klassen joins Cam for a conversation about her recent video exposing IVF. Read more
Join us in changing minds and saving lives through your financial partnership. Read more
On a lighter note, here's a great pro-life book for kids! Read more
On a lighter note than usual, here's a great book for kids exploring the beautiful journey of pregnancy! Read more
Check out Biking for Babies for an incredible ministry! Read more
Here's how your purchasing decisions can open the door to changed hearts and minds! Read more
The Art of Human Connection
Human connection is at the centre of change, and there's nobody better to talk about its importance than Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Read more
Keturah Dumaine - CCBR's newest speaker
Keturah Dumaine has burst onto the national scene as one of Canada's up and coming pro-life speakers, check out her favourite moments from this summer's Read more
Ben Shapiro is coming to Calgary, here's what you need to know! Read more
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