How to End Your Conversations

How do you end a conversation about abortion in a polite way that keeps the door open for further thought and reflection? That’s the topic of today’s PLG Podcast episode!

We’ve done episodes in how to start conversations about abortion, and usually most episodes feature strategies for keeping conversations going, but what if you need to end a conversation, either because you need to get back to work or school, or simply because you’ve reached an impass in conversation that requires personal reflection?

In today’s episode, host Cam talks through several reasons why you may need to end a conversation about abortion, before walking through the four steps necessary for ending a conversation so that the person you’re speaking with continues to think towards the pro-life worldview.

00:00 Introduction

03:00 Why you might need to end your conversation

12:28 Step 1: Thank them for the conversation

12:57 Step 2: Agree upon an accurate and fair description of where the conversation is ending

15:33 Step 3: Explain the next step they need to take or what they need to reflect upon

17:25 Step 4: Why they need to continue thinking about abortion and resolving their worldview

25:45 Conclusion and Florida AAP summary

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