How to: Process and Respond to Pregnancies Through Sexual Assault

A recent study published in Scientific American suggests that since the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in 2022 via the Dobbs decision, approximately 59,000 women have become pregnant through sexual assault in states where abortion is illegal regardless of the circumstances of the child’s conception.

In light of this study, many pro-lifers are conflicted in their response, suggesting that these numbers must be somehow inflated or even else wondering if these laws might be illadvised.

In today’s episode, Cam talks through the crisis of sexual assault in our world, the need for greater protection for women, and tragically the urgent support for victims in today’s society, before ending on how pro-lifers should compassionately communicate our shared conviction that these heinous crimes must be stopped, punished, and responded to in ways that support the victims, yet in ways which do not include killing the innocent child conceived through these brutal attacks.

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