Do Graphic Abortion Images Push People Away? Discussing new polling with Trevor Polo

While many pro-lifers (and even many abortion advocates) have come to accept and embrace the public display of abortion victim images, there are still at least some who question the strategy, asking questions about the impact abortion victim images have on one’s worldview, on their likelihoood of supporting various forms of legislation, and most often the impact showing these images have on people’s perception of the pro-life movement.

In today’s episode, Cam sits down with Trevor Polo from Protect Life Michigan to review and discuss comprehensive polling PLMi has recently conducted to answer the questions mentioned above.

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To check out the study yourself and to learn more about Protect Life Michigan, go to:

00:00 Introduction

09:17 Trevor Polo and the role of effective pro-life strategies

20:45 New polling conducted by Protect Life Michigan

29:25 Impact of abortion victim images on abortion worldviews

36:30 Impact of abortion victim images on humanizing pre-born children

43:42 Impact of abortion victim images on perception of pro-lifers showing the images

56:41 Impact of abortion victim images on support of restrictive legislation

01:17:15 Conclusion

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