What Happens After She Says, “Yes”? | Episode 160 ft. Marisol Rodriguez

While helping a mother choose life for her pre-born child is the most important step for many pro-life advocates, few if any are naive enough to think it is the only step. Once a mother has said, “yes!” to life, what happens next?

With countless parents facing generation poverty, the road after the initial “yes” is often plagued with barriers and road blocks, many of which might push parents back towards abortion, whether during that pregnancy or during future one.

To explore the reality of generational poverty, as well as to start answering the question of how the pro-life movement can respond beyond a mother’s “yes”, Cam is joined by Marisol Rodriguez, co-founder of RENEW Life Center and author of “Beyond Her Yes: Reimagining Pro-Life Ministry to Empower Women and Support Families in Overcoming Poverty”.

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