New Year’s Resolutions 2024!

After focusing on personal development goals in 2022 and personal activism goals in 2023, for 2024 host Cam invites you to consider setting team growth and development goals for pro-life outreach in your sphere of influence in 2024!

While many may already have established their New Year’s resolutions (and some may already have given up on them…), in 2024 the PLG podcast would love to help you grow pro-life outreach in your local community by getting back to the program’s roots of providing street-tested apologetics skills, as well as building in a new focus for team growth, development, recruitment, and everything else that goes into building a thriving pro-life ministry.

While we’ll still feature special guests, authors, and other pro-life ministries, these will now be offered as bonus episodes or exclusive content for the show’s Patreon supporters. We hope that in doing this, the general audience will always know that core content will be CCBR’s tried and true apologetics when they tune in Tuesday’s, or else team building support and guidance when they tune in through the week.

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