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Should abortion be allowed because of overpopulation? Was Thanos actually the superhero instead of the supervillain? Join Pieter and Cam
We hear people justify abortion using poverty and economic troubles all the time. While we recognize that many people may
From what we hear, Bill Nye the Science Guy is a “man with a mission: to help foster a scientifically
Should men really have a say on abortion? Shouldn't women be able to make their own decisions to choose abortion
On August 23, 2020, Canada's Conservative Party of Canada finalized their election by tallying up the ballots to determine who
The theory sounds great, but when the rubber hits the road, do people really change their minds on abortion? Can
Does it matter that we fight abortion or is it just good that we fight abortion? And if how we
Whether or not a pre-born child is a living member of the human family is, without a doubt, the most
Pieter Bos, host of the podcast, together with pro-life extraordinaire Cameron Côté share with you what this podcast is all