135: The Journey After Abortion | ft. David Williams

For so many post-abortive mothers and fathers, abortion is the culmination of years darkness and brokenness. Whether their childhoods have been plagued by abuse, neglect, or any number of other traumas or difficulties, for far too many, news of an unplanned pregnancy seems to be just another hurdle thrown in their way which they are desperate to navigate by any means possible.

In today’s episode, Cam is joined by David Williams, men’s chapter leader with SaveOne and an international pro-life speaker, to talk about his journey before and after his abortion experience. David shares his family’s brokenness growing up, how that impacted his relationships and ultimately his decision to push for an abortion, and the journey of hope and healing he has been on, and helped countless others on, over the past two decades.

For more about David Williams and his incredible ministries, go to: www.davidwilliamsspeaks.com/

For more support after abortion, go to: menandabortion.net/saveone.org/

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