The PULSE: The US Supreme Court to Hear a Major Abortion Case, and more news items | May 2021

Welcome to The PULSE (May 2021), a monthly round-up of abortion-related news told from a pro-life perspective.

On this episode, we discuss the following:

0:00 – Introduction
1:56 – An Ohio city has voted to make their city a sanctuary for the unborn;
6:06 – NIH-funded research grafted illegally aborted babies’ scalps onto lab mice;
10:42 – The US Supreme Court is set to hear a major abortion case;
18:03 – A bill to decriminalize abortion in Dominican Republic has been defeated;
22:06 – Pro-abortion bill introduced in pro-life Malta
26:24 – Richard Dawkins reiterates his position that children with Down Syndrome should be aborted;
31:03 – The Pro-Life Movement is gaining ground in Croatia;
32:33 – Fewer women are travelling from Canada to US for late-term abortions;
35:13 – American pro-lifers are optimistic about the Hyde Amendment being in the budget;
37:30 – UK cuts 85% of abortion-related foreign aid funding;
40:31 – Conclusion
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