THE PULSE: January 2021

Welcome to THE PULSE (January 2021), a monthly round-up of world news told from a pro-life perspective. THE PULSE is a project of The Pro-Life Guys Podcast.

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1) Thailand Moves Closer to Legalizing Abortion (0:40 – 2:19);
2) SCOTUS Vacates Lower Court Ruling on the Essentiality of Abortion (2:19 – 4:50);
3) Battle Over Abortion Continues in Argentina (4:50 – 11:26);
4) Good News Out of Honduras (11:26 – 16:05);
5) “The God-Father of the Pro-Life Movement” Dead at 93 (16:05 – 19:40);
6) In Spite of Biden/Harris Admin., States Continue to Pass Pro-Life Laws (19:40 – 22:45);
7) Poland Protects Disabled Pre-born Babies While Protestors Fume (22:45 – 25:23).
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