Episode 5: Breaking Down the Conservative Leadership Election | Alissa Golob

On August 23, 2020, Canada’s Conservative Party of Canada finalized their election by tallying up the ballots to determine who the new leader would be. Social conservatives watched the process closely as they spent many hours working towards nominating and electing pro-life candidates. So, who won, why did they win, and what can pro-lifers learn from this process about how to move forward?

Cam and Pieter are joined by RightNow’s Alissa Golob, a pro-life and political activist, to talk about it all.

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5 Replies to “Episode 5: Breaking Down the Conservative Leadership Election | Alissa Golob”

  1. Listened to the interview with Alissa. Loved the questions and the guest. This podcast just keeps getting better!

  2. Boo. Those red Tories are a joke. Does anyone really take them seriously after how they covered up the disgraced Scheer’s clear pro-choice stances?
    Alissa and Scott support pro-choice politicians and play smoke-and-mirrors with so-cons because their interests are first and foremost for the party establishment.
    “iT cOuLd hAvE bEeN wOrSe!” Is the only drum they’ll have to beat as they pretend that O’toole is really going to be any better.

    If we’re going to play a long game, then it would be more worthwhile to invest in an actual conservative party via the PPC.

  3. Nathan – Not sure if you listened to the whole episode, but Alissa and her team worked incredibly hard to advance the campaigns of Derek Sloan and Dr. Leslyn Lewis this campaign, as well as Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost last campaign. She made it very clear that she was not excited or even content with O’Toole as leader, simply acknowledging that he won’t do anywhere near the damage that Peter MacKay would do, thus far from the worst case scenario.

    As Alissa talked about (on several occasions…) Right Now doesn’t exist to be king-makers, but rather to elect the candidates pro-lifers can get excited about. They were incredibly close to getting Dr. Lewis elected this time around, and while they’re glad MacKay didn’t win, they’re already developing plans to replace O’Toole.

  4. Hey guys, loving your work!

    Is there any way I could order post cards from you? I’ve tried calling and emailing, but haven’t heard back yet.


    1. Thanks so much for reaching out! I emailed you back a week or so ago, so hopefully we can help you connect with one of our local teams!

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