Episode 8: Does Poverty Justify Abortion?

We hear people justify abortion using poverty and economic troubles all the time. While we recognize that many people may be facing difficult financial times, do those struggles make an allowance for having an abortion? Join Pieter and Cam as they discuss this during this episode, and learn as they share how to have winsome conversations with people who bring up this difficult circumstance.

Here is the Human Rights Argument for you to use in your conversations:

Do you believe in human rights? Who should get them?
When two humans reproduce, what species is their offspring?
If something is growing, isn’t it alive?
If the pre-born are human and alive, then doesn’t it logically follow that abortion is a human rights violation?


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Also from The Guttmacher Institute, see Induced Abortion in the United States.

Find the list of organizations dedicated to helping those in crisis pregnancy situations or need post-abortion help here.

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