Cameron Côté

When he realized that being a professional mountain climber wasn’t actually a real job, Cam cried for a week. Then he decided to become a professional pro-life activist, a mission which has seen him travel throughout North America talking to thousands of people on street corners, doorsteps, classrooms, and auditoriums about abortion and how all members of the human family must receive human rights.
Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria in 2013 (yes, Cam continues to claim that he’s only 31 despite the fact that his full head of grey hair and his complete ignorance of social media clearly indicate otherwise) he has had approximately 10,000 conversations with complete strangers about abortion through his work with CCBR, the parent organization for The Pro-Life Guys Podcast. Through these conversations, and through working with staff, interns, and volunteers with pro-life organizations from around the world, Cam’s infamy (more his beard than him, actually), has grown, and seen him featured at conferences and news outlets nation-wide.

There’s hardly an argument he hasn’t heard, there’s hardly a Canadian community he hasn’t done activism in, and he’s excited to bring the lessons he’s learned to this podcast to help you avoid the mistakes that he’s made, and ensure that you can change minds, save lives, and be a part of transforming our culture.

Passions/Hobbies: Islay scotch, aged cheese, The Emperor’s New Groove, Stan Rogers, baseball, books that smell good.

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Cameron has been involved in equipping pro-life individuals and groups from around the world, including campus, community, and national pro-life organizations in Canada, the USA, and England. He has been the keynote speaker at dozens of galas and banquets, as well as being featured as a speaker at LifeCanada’s 2019 National Pro-Life Conference and the Virtual Catholic Apologetics Conference in 2020 hosted by Matt Fradd and Pints with Aquinas. He has served on the board of directors for local, regional, and national pro-life groups across Canada, and loves speaking to audiences at high schools, universities, churches, and pro-life groups regarding his experience in the pro-life movement and how more people can have minds changing and life saving conversations about abortion.

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