Ben Shapiro is Coming to Calgary

Ben Shapiro is coming to Calgary on Thursday, November 16th, 2023 and here’s where you can get your tickets:

Ben Shapiro is without a doubt the most recognizable name (and voice!) within the global conservative commentator movement, and in our opinion, that is generally for very good reason. His unabashed challenging of woke culture, both through is work with the Daily Wire with The Ben Shapiro Show and elsewhere across the web, has invigorated and empowered conservatives everywhere to be confident in their worldview. With the profile and demand that he holds, it is hard to believe that he’s coming all the way up to Calgary to present to thousands of Canadians on his signature topic, “Defeating Wokism” including opening the floor to questions and engagement, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Ben Shapiro is coming to Canada.

In today’s episode, host Cam is joined by Stephanie Fennelly, Executive Director of The Wilberforce Project, about everything you need to know about how to get tickets, what to expect, and everything else you need to know about Ben Shapiro coming to Canada. As both the hosting organization as well as Alberta’s pro-life political group working to nominate, elect, and lobby politicians to protect babies, mothers, and families from abortion, The Wilberforce Project is uniquely situated not only to facilitate this high profile event, but also to mobilize attendees for effective political action.

For tickets to Ben Shapiro’s Calgary presentation go to:

For more info on The Wilberforce Project go to:

To connect with Cam with questions, suggestions, or feedback email:

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