114: The Battle Begins in Michigan | ft. Trevor Pollo Protect Life Michigan

In what feels eerily like a Helm’s Deep-esque battle for the lives of Michigan’s pre-born children, Protect Life Michigan, along with a handful of other pro-life organizations and groups, have risen up to defend the state’s pre-born children against Planned Parenthood and their abortion supporting millionaires.

Today, Cam talks with Trevor Pollo, long time leader and team member with Protect Life Michigan, about the radical state constitutional amendment soon to be voted on which will not only strip the existing protection from pre-born children and make it nearly impossible to pass future protections for the weakest members of the human family, but which will surely serve as the sentry posted at the gate of nearly every other state with any protection for pre-born children.

Simply put, should the amendment be halted, it will be a tremendous act of defiance and a rallying cry for pro-lifers across the country that Planned Parenthood and their unbelievably deep pockets can be defeated. Should the amendment pass, Michigan will become one of, if not the most pro-abortion state in America, with Planned Parenthood only being emboldened to attack other states moving forward.

For more about the PLG podcast, check out: www.prolifeguys.com

To learn more about Protect Life Michigan, go to: www.protectlifemi.org/

To learn more about the radically pro-abortion constitutional amendment which will be voted on in less than a month, go to: supportmiwomenandchildren.org/wp-content…ummary.pdf

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