108: Responding with Charity in the Face of Hysteria | ft. Josh Brahm

Even before the overturning of Roe, abortion advocates frequently responded to the proposition that society can (and should) function without abortion with varying degrees of hysteria.

This has only been amplified since the Dobbs decision, and in today’s episode Cam is joined by Josh Brahm of the Equal Rights Institute to talk about how to keep the conversation moving in a productive way when the person you’re talking with is somewhat (or full-blown!) frantic about the idea of limiting abortion access.

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For ERI’s position statement on Prosecution, check out: blog.equalrightsinstitute.com/eri-statem…abortions/

For ERI’s live stream reacting to the Dobbs decision check out: blog.equalrightsinstitute.com/dobbs-cour…-movement/

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