Introduction to Theology of the Body

Join Blaise Alleyne, MTS for an 8 session course which will provide an aerial tour of St. John Paul II’s ground-breaking work, The Theology of the Body. This course will cover all the key concepts, in addition to unpacking the Catholic understanding of human sexuality and the human person. Blaise holds a Master of Theological Studies degree from Regis College at the University of Toronto, and has offered similar courses privately and through the Newman Centre at the University of Toronto, as well as presentations on the Theology of the Body for parishes, chaplaincies, high schools and other events throughout Ontario.

These two hour sessions will run for 8 sessions beginning on a date to be decided, and will include presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  1. The Theology of the Body: A Desire for God
  2. The Beginning: Christ Appeals to the Beginning
  3. The Battlefield: Christ Appeals to the Human Heart
  4. The Beatitude: Christ Appeals to the Resurrection
  5. The Great Mystery: The Dimension of Covenant and Grace
  6. Heaven’s Song: The Dimension of Sign
  7. The Law: Sexual Ethics through a TOB Lens
  8. Go Forth: Beauty and the New Evangelization

Cost: $75

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