Episode 39: Stopping Sex-Selective Abortion in Canada | MP Cathay Wagantall

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Almost everyone thinks it’s wrong to kill a baby girl before she’s born simply because she’s a baby girl, yet there is absolutely nothing legally preventing these little girls from being killed in Canada. Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for the Canadian federal riding of Yorkton-Melville, is trying to change this through her private members bill C-233: The Sex Selective Abortion Act. She joins Pieter and Cam in this episode to talk about her goals for this bill, evidence for sex selective abortions in Canada, and more!

For more about MP Cathay Wagantall and bill C-233: The Sex Selective Abortion Act check out https://www.cathaywagantall.ca/.

For the poll on Canadians’ opposition to sex selective abortion check out https://nationalpost.com/news/as-abortion-debate-becomes-increasingly-polarized-poll-shows-the-views-of-many-canadians-are-more-complicated/.

For information about sex selective abortion in Canada check out https://www.cmaj.ca/content/188/9/E181/.

To write your Member of Parliament and to find out more go to https://weneedalaw.ca/.

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