Episode 35: Debate Review: Maaike Rosendal vs. Dr. Fraser Fellows | Blaise Alleyne

Formal debate between a CCBR speaker and a retired late-term abortion provider? Yes please!!! Join Cam and fellow CCBR staffer Blaise Alleyne as they break down the most recent bout between these two proponents of the pro-life and pro-abortion worldviews respectively.

Watch the debate here: https://youtu.be/cuDHoZSk0V0.

To read Christopher Kaczor’s book “Ethics of Abortion” check out https://www.amazon.ca/Ethics-Abortion-Womens-Question-Justice/dp/041573293X

For Maaike’s Reflections on the debate check out https://www.endthekilling.ca/blog/2021/03/19/grieved-but-grateful-a-post-debate-reflection/.

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