Episode 13: Sharing Light in the Darkness of Sexual Assault | Aura Navas

Sexual assault is not only the most common reason cited for why abortion should be legal and accessible in Canada, but it is also a lived experience for an alarming number of victims. Join Pieter and Cam as they talk with Aura Navas, a 2019 CCBR intern and someone who can shed a unique light into conversations about sexual assault because of her own lived experience.


  1. Find Aura’s original article here: https://www.endthekilling.ca/blog/2019/08/23/sharing-in-darkness/.
  2. Learn about CCBR internships and consider joining one: https://www.endthekilling.ca/internships/.
  3. Learn how to defend your pro-life convictions in winsome and effective ways from this amazing book: STUCK: A Complete Guide to Answering Tough Questions About Abortion. Find it here: https://prolifeguys.com/shop/.

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One Reply to “Episode 13: Sharing Light in the Darkness of Sexual Assault | Aura Navas”

  1. This is soo good! I appreciated Aura sharing about some of her more emotional conversations, as well as advice on recognizing potential “heart” conversations. Far from being judgemental and aloof, I think Aura embodies the compassion and genuine care many pro-lifers share for others. Thanks for another great episode!

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