Episode 12: The “Fetus Focus Fallacy”

Canada’s leading pro-abortion advocate, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC), released a document titled “How to Think About the Fetus.” The document outlines ARCC’s strongest justifications for abortion. But how sound are these arguments? How can the pro-life community respond? Join The Pro-Life Guys Cam and Pieter as they walk through the document and share how they would respond to these common justifications!


  1. Find the document here: https://www.arcc-cdac.ca/presentations/fetusposter.pdf
  2. Don’t forget to get this phenomenal book STUCK: A Complete Guide to Answering Tough Questions About Abortion here: https://prolifeguys.com/shop/.
  3. Get involved in the fight against abortion. Go to https://www.endthekilling.ca/volunteer/ to find a local activism group near you!

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