Pieter Bos

Pieter’s family changed their last name to “Bos” shortly after he was born because they already knew that he was going to be a big deal. He’s been cracking smiles and breaking hearts since before he knew what that meant, and since 2014 he’s been focused on changing minds and saving lives. Power apologist by day and avid fisherman by evening (loving husband and father around the clock…sorry ladies!), Pieter is the special projects coordinator for CCBR, anchor for The Pro-life Guys podcast and viral TikTok sensation.

Passions/Hobbies: Catching fish the size of whales, beard oil, memes (please, send him more memes), flavoured popcorn, all things bacon.

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Pieter’s approach is engaging, personal, and practical. In teaching my young adults group, along with other attendees (younger and older), they left understanding the concepts with clarity and conviction. Despite not having previously had pro-life conversational training, they left able to hold compassionate and persuasive conversations on the topic of abortion. Their responses were highly positive! I strongly recommend inviting Pieter Bos to train your group of future pro-life ambassadors!

– Rev. Jonathan Camiré, Église Résurrection Church, Rigaud, QC

Pieter did an absolutely fantastic job with our Young People group (16+). He was fun and engaging. Not only did everyone enjoy listening to him but we learned a lot as well about how to engage in quality conversations about abortion. Pieter has the passion and skills required to be a great leader and speaker for all ages. His work with CCBR and The Pro-Life Guys Podcast is invaluable.

– Brady De Boer, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Ebenezer CRC
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